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Charred Pie

Visit this locally owned and operated Neapolitan Pizzeria, in the heart of the Oro Valley Marketplace(map).

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Ocean Water
Cathleen Young, LPC, LMHC

Cathleen is a qualified specialist who works hard to achieve the goals of her clients.

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Art of Finding

The Art of Finding application allows users to search for images of historic artwork. It provides data about the work of art on a card, as well as the location of the gallery where the art work is currently on display. Google Maps provides the address of the gallery. The user can browse Amazon to purchase images of the artwork.


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A recipe finder that allows users to search for recipes based on the ingredients they have then shows how many they are missing for that particular recipe using React and Redux. Deployed site uses an Apollo and GraphQl stack. Creating accounts users can keep track of saved recipes for quick access to get back to them, along with removing them if they are no longer wanted.


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Sick Fits

Sick fits is an application where users can buy and sell products. Users can create a profile to post pictures of their products along with a description of the product and a price they are selling that item for.


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Spanish Flash

Spanish Flash is a learning application that uses a flash-card style approach to helping one learn Spanish. Spanish Flash uses the spaced repetition algorithm, which is proven to help with learning and reinforcing one's understanding abilities in the field of study.


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Melata is a one stop shop for the coding newbie. Designed to allow a user to watch instructional videos with an IDE to code along with on the same screen. Users can pick through an assortment of languages and frameworks to learn the latest 'best-practices' in the industry. Melata keeps track of a user history so they can easily pick up where they left off or choose a new path. Sample code is provided with each video to be able to follow along with the developer inspired instructional videos.


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